Preliminary Landmarks List

Before any structure may be placed on the preliminary landmarks list, the Landmarks Preservation Commission must specifically find that the structure qualifies by contributing to the architectural, or historical heritage of the county, state or nation because of any one or more of the following:

  • It is associated with a personality, group, event or series of events of historical importance
  • It is a distinctive example of a particular architectural style or period
  • It is a good example of the work of a noted architect or master builder
  • It is a work of notable artistic merit
  • It has yielded and will be likely to yield information or materials important in prehistory or history

A list of Baltimore County Landmarks can be found here.

County Historic Districts

There are presently 17 Baltimore County Historic Districts. Under County law, the agreement by the owners of 75 percent of the property within a proposed district’s boundary is required to form a local historic district. Details about the process for enacting a district are provided in the Historic District FAQ.

As with Landmarks List structures, any exterior modification or addition to a structure in a district, or any excavation, building, or demolition permit, is subject to approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Significantly, the Commission’s authority within a County historic district includes the site surrounding and adjoining the individual structures, which may be important in maintaining the sense of historic character.

National Register

There are numerous National Historic Properties and 22 National Register Districts in Baltimore County. National Register designation is received through the National Park Service.