In-House Services

In-House Services2018-08-09T13:40:36+00:00
  • We work with individuals, communities, and government to research and document the historic significance of buildings, sites and neighborhoods.
  • We advise local governmental agencies on individual preservation projects and the county’s master plan.
  • We plan intervention and rescue strategies when historic buildings are threatened.
  • We provide annual grants for research, preservation, planning and restoration projects.
  • We conduct public workshops on preservation and restoration.
  • We assist property owners and community groups in preparing and submitting nominations to the National Register of Historic Places and the Baltimore County Landmarks List.
  • We provide technical assistance to property owners for restoration and renovation of historic properties.
  • We promote historic preservation tax credits for repairs to historic structures and to buildings that contribute to historic districts.
  • We serve as a clearinghouse for information on historic preservation.
  • We communicate with other preservation organizations and community groups to keep up to keep date on preservation practices, policies and concerns.