Historic Preservation is not only about historic buildings, it is also about historic landscape architecture & gardens. Humans have molded & designed landscapes for millennia, either by choosing to selectively leave certain trees & other plants in place, or by strategically planting new ones.

Due to current safety concerns, Preservation Alliance was not able to conduct in-person tours this year. We did, however, create this video series on the historic trees of Baltimore County.

Today we are highlighting Hampton National Historic Site. Hampton has a wealth of historic trees, along with a landscape that has been created through the interaction of both British and American design and ideals

Here we will show and discuss Hampton’s famous Cedar of Lebanon, along with rarer and lesser-known, though very significant, trees, like Sophora japonica and the Southern Catalpa, Catalpa bignonioides.

We are very grateful to all those at Hampton for their assistance and for letting us film there, and especially to Park Ranger Shannon McLucas for all her expertise, time, and enthusiasm.

We are also once again extremely grateful to our volunteer professional film crew, without whom this series would not be possible, J. Brough Schamp and Paul Newill-Schamp.