Maryland State Arts Council

Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County is honored and grateful to announce that we have received a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council for an Emergency Grant, made possible by the Maryland General Assembly’s passage of the RELIEF Act of 2021. Due to our loss of revenue over the past year and a half, it would be extremely difficult for us to operate without this funding

We vigorously thank the Maryland State Arts Council, our Maryland State Delegates and Senators, and Governor Hogan for their support and generosity.

This grant from the Maryland State Arts Council is especially meaningful to us, as it acknowledges historic preservation’s place in the Arts. While the public usually associates historic preservation with history (often confusing historic preservation organizations with historical societies; the latter of which, while sometimes owning individual historic properties, focuses more on photographs, genealogy, archival writings and artifacts), preservation’s association with, and often being an object of, art is equally important.

Historic preservation is the living embodiment and convergence of human history and culture. One of the most expressive forms of human culture and art is the built environment. Whether a structure is created for shelter, or an edifice dedicated to art and ideas; buildings, and their connected human-altered landscapes, they are the one of the most meaningful forms of human cultural and artistic expression.