Adelaide Bentley in her beloved East Towson

Adelaide Bentley in her beloved East Towson

The Preservation Alliance Grant Program provides financial support to historic preservation efforts in Baltimore County. We are happy to announce that another one of this year’s recipients is the Northeast Towson Improvement Association, whom we are awarding a grant to assist Senior Citizen residents with safety repairs to their historic homes. This is the first grant in our newly expanded program to provide funds to assist Senior Citizen historic homeowners with assistance on preservation and safety repairs to their homes. In addition to the monetary grant, PABC also provided pro-bono architectural and engineering consulting.

Our first grant of its kind is being made in honor and memory of the decades-long work of East Towson preservationist and activist Adelaide Bentley, who achieved great success in preserving and protecting her community.

Founded by African-Americans from nearby Hampton, Historic East Towson stands as a vibrant community with deep historical roots in central Baltimore County.

Jacob House

Preservation Alliance director Anne Gryczon, left, with Northeast Towson Improvement Association President, and Ms. Bentley’s granddaughter, Nancy Goldring, right, in front of East Towson’s historic Jacob House